The Community Council of Prophet Elias’ Greek Orthodox Church is organized under the Uniform Community Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) and acts as the Board of Directors for the Greek Orthodox Community of Mississauga, a charitable organization incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

According to the Uniform Community Regulations (Part 1, Articles 12 & 16), the Priest and the Community Council, are responsible for the administration of community ministries and organizations.

Community Council Board of Directors  2017-2019

The new Community Council consists of fifteen members. They were elected for a three year term by the Community Members in-good-standing.


Terry Tharrenos
1st Vice PresidentGeorge Liadakis
2nd Vice PresidentDanny Stergiadis
3rd Vice PresidentJohn Stratigeas
1st TreasurerGeorge Kostopoulos
2nd TreasurerKostas Kontolouris
3rd TreasurerNick Sclentzas
1st SecretarySpyridoula Agathos
2nd SecretaryDanny Tzotzis
Council MemberNick Aforozis
Council MemberKostas Koromilos
Council MemberMary Kyrou
Council MemberStelios Minas
Council MemberAndreas Polymeros
Council MemberKostas Rassias


Thank you to the 2016 Council for their hard work and dedication. Like councils before them, they paved the road for a successful community.

Previous Community Council Board of Directors:

PresidentTerry Tharrenos
1st Vice PresidentGeorge Liadakis
2nd Vice PresidentEmilio Margaritis
1st TreasurerGeorge Kostopoulos
2nd TreasurerTom Liakos
3rd TreasurerKosta Kontolouris
1st SecretaryLia Maltas
2nd SecretaryNick Sclentzas
Council MemberDimitrios Tsatsaronis
Council MemberNick Aforozis
Council MemberAndreas Polymeros
Council MemberAgathi Bakogiannis
Council MemberStelios Mina
Council MemberSpiros Stratigeas
Council MemberJohn Stratigeas

The previous Community Council consisted of eleven members.


Office Administration:

Frene Di Maso
Operations & Events

Building Maintenance:

Eva Ferguson

Stavro Preketas